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This blog is about my journey in becoming gluten-free.  I’ll be talking about how I deal with being gluten free (it can be a "Sue Woodard, Cookbook Author' challenge!), what you can eat on a gluten free diet, what foods you should avoid, and share my delicious recipes for gluten-free foods.

My name is Sue Woodard.  I am an American living on the island of St. Kitts in the Caribbean.  I love living here, but there are not a lot of choices when it comes to shopping.  Many items are priced at double what you would pay for them in the States.  There are very few if any gluten free products available here, and what there is has a price tag so high it makes me choke.  So I am educating myself and finding alternative sources of flour, and low cost ways to be gluten free.

I am gluten intolerant rather than celiac. Someone diagnosed with Celiac Disorder has much more severe gastrointestinal symptoms than I do.  However, after years of miserable heartburn and reflux, being gluten free has allowed me relief.

I am still new to being gluten-free.  I started the journey about 2 months ago. I still eat meat, but I have had to go dairy-free as well.  The first two weeks I followed a gluten free diet, I cut out dairy. This is because dairy can produce the same reaction in the human body as gluten.  The reaction is due to the antigens dairy contains.  These antigens, signal the body to protect itself. Which is why you feel sick. The body recognizes dairy as containing gluten, even though technically dairy is gluten free.

I thought that once the original cleansing of my system from gluten was over, I would be able to add dairy back in to my diet.  So far, I have not had a good reaction when I have tried to do so.  But, I am still experimenting with it, and hope to be able to re-add cheese and yogurt back into my diet.

I am a major foodie.  My cookbook collection requires 2 large, 4-shelf bookcases. I read recipes books for entertainment.  I love to cook, and I love eating good food.  I am looking for ways to still have the foods I want, without the gluten.  The best way to stay on any diet is to not feel deprived, and I do want to stay on this diet.  I feel so much better!

On the pages of this blog, I will be trying out gluten free recipes, and reporting my successes and failures to you.  I’ll fill you in on the tips I find for making this diet work.  Like how  to order a gluten free meal in a restaurant.  Harder than you might imagine.  I want to enjoy food, and I want to help you enjoy food too!

I have been experimenting with baking lately.  It’s an interesting process.  Wheat can be difficult to imitate in baking.  It requires a mixture of different flours such as rice flour, sorghum flour, buckwheat flour, and too many others to mention them all here.  I will do a post on gluten-free flour soon.

Going dairy-free adds another special set of challenges to baking.  I’m learning lots of interesting things about replacing butter and other dairy products in baking.  Honestly, I feel like some kind of mad scientist of the kitchen lately.

Being gluten free can be challenging.  I was really amazed to find how many products contain wheat.  When I started thinking about going gluten-free, I thought “I don’t eat much bread.  This will be easy-peasy!”  Then, I started checking labels for wheat and dairy.  It was astounding how much wheat and dairy I had been consuming.  Did you know that many soy sauces contain wheat?

Needless to say, it was a big change in my diet!

So, this is the story of how I’m overcoming the challenge.  I hope the tales of my journey help you in your quest to be gluten-free.  It ain’t easy.  But it’s do-able!  With tweaks to recipes, you can still enjoy foods you love!  I love feeling this good!  It’s a great motivator to be…(dons superhero costume)  Gluten Free Girl!




Welcome to my blog!

"Sue Woodard, Cookbook Author" This blog is about my journey in becoming gluten-free. I'll be talking about how I deal with being gluten free (it can be achallenge!), what you can eat on a gluten free diet, what foods you should avoid, and share my delicious recipes for gluten-free foods.

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